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Highly efficient Spreader for Freight Container

Spreader for Freight Container is a low-cost piece of equipment used by a forklift to move empty containers. The unit engages the container on one side only and can be mounted on a 7-ton class forklift for a 20-foot box, or a 12-ton forklift for a 40-foot container. In addition, the equipment has a flexible positioning function, which can lift containers from 20 to 40 feet and containers of various sizes.

OEM high quality rotary lawn mower

The BROBOT lawn mower is a powerful tool equipped with a wide range of advanced features designed to increase its efficiency and functionality. One of its main features is the heat-dissipating gearbox, which ensures optimum performance even under high stress conditions.

Combined Lawn Mower

Bolang combined lawn mower, excellent working experience, easy to control complex terrain

BROBOT straw bale clip, turning haystacks into treasures!

BROBOT straw bale clamp is an indispensable helper for farmers! It can be easily mounted on a forklift to easily pick up silage, bales and bales. This straw bale clip is convenient and easy to use, you only need one touch to complete the operation, making your agricultural production more efficient. At the same time, BROBOT straw bale clamps also support customization, and can customize various diameters and sizes according to your needs, truly realizing on-demand customization to meet your different needs. Let BROBOT straw bale clamp become your right-hand man in agricultural production, making your agricultural production easier and more enjoyable!