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  • Tire Clamps for Mining Vehicle Wheels

    Tire Clamps for Mining Vehicle Wheels

    Modle:Mine car tire handler


    Mining car tire handlers are mainly used for large or super large mining car tire disassembly operations, which can safely and efficiently remove or install tires from mining cars without manual labor. This genus has the functions of rotation, clamping, and tipping. In addition to being used for disassembling mine car tires, it can also carry tires and set anti-skid chains. Reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of tire disassembly and assembly, shorten vehicle residence time, ensure tire and personal safety, and reduce labor costs of enterprises. Users can customize products that match the working conditions according to the needs of specific working conditions. Please understand the performance of the customized products before operation. Suitable for loader, forklift, auto boom, telehandler mounts. It is mainly used in dismantling and handling tires of mining machinery and heavy mining vehicles. This product has a novel structure and a large load capacity, the maximum load is 16 tons, and the handling tire is 4100mm. Products have been exported in batches.

  • Achieve Precise Tree Digging with BROBOT Tree Spade

    Achieve Precise Tree Digging with BROBOT Tree Spade



    The BROBOT tree spade is an upgraded version of our old model. It has been mass-produced and field-tested several times, making it a proven and reliable device. Due to its small size, large payload and light weight, it can be operated on smaller loaders. In general, you can use the BRO range on the same loader if you use the bucket we think is right for you. This is a huge advantage. Plus, it has the added benefit of requiring no oil and easy blade adjustment.

  • Efficient BROBOT Smart skid steer tire changer

    Efficient BROBOT Smart skid steer tire changer

    BROBOT tire handler is a lightweight and high-strength high-quality product, which is suitable for a variety of working scenarios, such as tire stacking, handling and dismantling, etc. Its simple and flexible operation, as well as the application of functions such as rotation, clamping and side shifting, make the work easier and more efficient. Whether in construction sites, logistics warehousing or other industries, BROBOT tire handler can play their unique advantages and provide users with excellent experience.

  • Popular BROBOT skid steer loader

    Popular BROBOT skid steer loader

    BROBOT skid steer loader is a popular multifunctional construction equipment. It adopts advanced wheel linear speed difference technology to realize vehicle steering. It is suitable for construction occasions with narrow sites, complex terrain and frequent movement. This equipment is widely used in infrastructure construction, industrial applications, dock loading and unloading, urban streets, residences, barns, livestock houses and airports and other places. In addition to its main purpose, BROBOT skid steer loaders can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. It is powerful, flexible and stable, and can effectively improve construction efficiency and quality. This loader has two walking modes, one is wheel type and the other is crawler type, which can meet the requirements of different sites.

  • Efficient and durable forklift tire clamps for heavy loads

    Efficient and durable forklift tire clamps for heavy loads

    Fork type tire clamp is a clamp product widely used in telescopic forklift, forklift, skid steer loader and other loading equipment. Its main function is to stack, transport and disassemble tires. Compared with other clamp products, the structure of the fork tire clamp is light and strong, and it can withstand greater pressure. The operation of this product is also very simple and flexible, and it can complete various functions such as rotation, clamping, and side shifting, and can fully improve work efficiency during use. Fork-type tire clamp is a very high-quality clamp product, which can help people complete tire stacking, handling, disassembly and other operations, and brings great convenience and help to the use of various loading equipment. If you need to carry out tire handling or other related operations, this product is definitely an indispensable and good helper for you.