BROBOT Tire HandlerTire handler for mining industry available from stock!

The mining industry and the tire industry worldwide will benefit from the new product from BROBOT Tire Handler. This tire clamp will greatly improve the working efficiency in the mining industry and provide better service to tire shops worldwide.


Tailor-made for the mining industry, this tire jig is available through a worldwide sales approach. It offers an easy maintenance mechanism with a powered tilting cockpit, a hydraulic accumulator and a 16 km/h speed limiter.

A perfect complement to this product, the IMT TH36K164 Long Arm Tire Manipulator (Integral Mount) helps make changing tires/wheels on mining trucks easier. The clamping span is 121.9cm-416.6cm and the capacity is 16,300kg. 100-degree body rotation and 360-degree swivel pad.

In addition to the mining industry, the product will bring many benefits to the tire industry and tire shops. It can help tire shops change tires faster and improve the safety of shop personnel. In addition, tire jigs save time and effort and make the business more efficient.

BROBOT Company is one of the most trusted Industrial and Tire Clamp Manufacturers. The company not only designs and manufactures tire clamps independently, but also provides support and repair services worldwide to ensure customers receive the best possible support and service.

The introduction of this tire clamp marks a milestone in the continuous innovation and development of BROBOT Company. The company will continue to strive to meet the changing needs of customers and create more value for the industry and tire industry.

Overall, the introduction of this tire clamp will bring great changes and advancements to the mining industry and tire shops. It will improve work efficiency, improve safety, and provide better service to customers around the world.


Post time: Jun-08-2023