Maintenance of large lawn mower

1, Maintenance of oil
Before each use of the large lawn mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scale of the oil scale. The new machine should be replaced after 5 hours of use, and the oil should be replaced again after 10 hours of use, and then the oil should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the manual. Oil change should be carried out when the engine is in a warm state, filling the oil can not be too much, otherwise there will be black smoke, lack of power (cylinder carbon, spark plug gap is small), the engine overheating and other phenomena. Fill oil can not be too little, otherwise there will be engine gear noise, piston ring accelerated wear and damage, and even the phenomenon of pulling tile, causing serious damage to the engine.
2, The radiator maintenance
The main function of the radiator is to muffle sound and dissipate heat. When the large lawn mower work, playing flying grass clippings will adhere to the radiator, affecting its heat dissipation function, which will cause serious cylinder pulling phenomenon, damaging the engine, so after each use of the lawn mower, to carefully clean up the debris on the radiator.
3, Maintenance of air filter
Before each use and after use should check whether the air filter is dirty, should be diligently changed and washed. If too dirty will lead to difficult to start the engine, black smoke, lack of power. If the filter element is paper, remove the filter element and dust off the dust attached to it; if the filter element is spongy, use gasoline to clean it and drop some lubricating oil on the filter element to keep it moist, which is more conducive to absorbing dust.
4, Maintenance of beating grass head
The mowing head is in high speed and high temperature when working, therefore, after the mowing head has been working for about 25 hours, it should be refilled with 20g of high temperature and high pressure grease.
Only regular maintenance of large lawn mowers, the machine can reduce the occurrence of various failures in the process of use. I hope you do a good job of maintenance while using the lawn mower, what do not understand the place can consult us, will be for you to deal with one by one.

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Post time: Apr-21-2023