Tree digging machine brings tree digging into the era of high cost performance

Tree transplantation is the process of allowing a mature tree to continue growing on new land, often during the construction of city roads, parks, or important landmarks. However, the difficulty of tree transplantation also arises, and the survival rate is the biggest challenge among them. Because, once the roots are damaged, the growth of the tree will be restricted, and the growth cycle will be greatly extended, which is a huge loss for the construction party. Therefore, how to improve the survival rate of transplanting has become a very important problem.
In the face of this problem, the tree digger came into being. A tree digger, as the name suggests, is a special machine used to transplant trees. Different from the traditional tools used by people in the past, the advantage of the tree digger is that it can ensure the integrity of the soil ball at the root of the transplanted tree, so that the survival rate of the tree is higher. At the same time, the tree digging machine also greatly reduces the cost of transplanting, which fully reflects the value of technology in environmental protection. To put it simply, the tree digging machine has the following steps to complete the transplanting work. First, tree diggers must dig out the entire soil, including the roots of the trees, before transporting it and replanting it on new land. For short-distance tree transplantation, an efficient and advanced tree digger can complete operations such as digging pits, tree digging, transportation, cultivation, and watering, which not only saves time and effort, but also reduces the impact of human factors on tree growth . However, for long-distance and batch tree transplantation, it is necessary to bag the excavated trees to prevent loose soil balls and retain water, and then transport them by car to the destination for cultivation. The tree digging machine also pays great attention to details in the structural design, mainly composed of the blade, the slideway and guide block that control the trajectory of the blade, the ring bracket, the hydraulic cylinder that controls the movement of the blade and the opening and closing of the ring bracket, and the hydraulic control mechanism. composition. Its working principle is very scientific and rigorous. When working, the opening and closing hydraulic pressure will open the ring support, place the seedlings to be dug in the center of the ring support, and then close the ring support. Next, the shovel is controlled downward, and the shovel separates the entire seedling and the corresponding soil ball from the soil, and then the tree digging mechanism is lifted by an external mechanism, so as to achieve the perfect end of the entire tree digging operation.
In short, the construction of modern urban green spaces requires more efficient, scientific and environmentally friendly methods, and the emergence of tree diggers not only helps the construction of the urban environment, but also reflects the positive role of human science and technology in the field of environmental protection. It is believed that with the continuous development of technology, tree digging machine technology will become more and more mature and become an indispensable part of urban development.

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Post time: Apr-21-2023