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The BROBOT Wood Grabber is an efficient and innovative piece of material handling equipment that offers unique advantages to businesses and construction sites. It is designed to handle various types of materials including pipe, wood, steel, sugar cane and more. This makes it an extremely versatile piece of equipment that can be tailored to specific customer requirements. BROBOT Wood Grabber machinery includes a wide range of loaders, forklifts and telehandlers, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of different job scenarios. Its efficacy lies in its high efficiency and low operating costs, helping businesses increase productivity and minimize costs.

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This equipment is an essential part of many industries and its benefits to construction sites cannot be overstated.  The BROBOT Timber Gripper is suitable for handling different types of construction materials such as bricks, blocks and bags of cement and can be moved quickly, easily and safely. Overall, the BROBOT Wood Grabber has proven to be a key piece of equipment for many businesses and construction sites. Its versatility, customization, high productivity and low operating costs give it a competitive advantage, making it an excellent investment for companies looking to improve their operations.

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BROBOT Wood Grabber, a versatile tool designed for handling various materials ranging from pipes, wood, steel, to sugar cane. BROBOT can be equipped with loading machines, forklifts, telescopic forklifts, and other machinery to facilitate the efficient and low-cost transportation of large volumes of goods. Here are some of the advantages of BROBOT Wood Grabber:

1.The low height with a horizontal hydraulic cylinder is particularly useful when the interlock arm is closed.

2.The structure is sturdy, with high-quality components and large bearing systems that have a longer service life. All bearing bolts are surface-hardened and installed in steel bearing liners.

3.The optimized design allows for an extremely small hook diameter, making it ideal for safely handling thin wood.

4.The arms open almost vertically, making it easy to penetrate through stacks of wood. 5. The sturdy compensation rod ensures that the arms are synchronized.

6. The hydraulic connection hoses are protected by a hose guard mounted on the rotator. 7. The integrated check valve ensures safety in case of unexpected pressure drops.

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1. It can be customized according to user needs.

2. The host is equipped with 1 set of additional oil circuits and 4-core cables

3. The main engine does not have a set of additional oil circuits, which can be controlled by the pilot, and the price will be increased

4. The boom or truck-mounted boom can be configured according to user requirements.

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 1. What kind of wood can the BROBOT Wood Gripper safely handle?

BROBOT wood grippers have an optimized design for safe handling of thin wood. Its extremely small clamp diameter ensures a stable grip on wood.

 2. Can the arms of BROBOT wood clamps be extended vertically?

Yes, the arms of the BROBOT Lumber Gripper expand almost vertically upwards, which allows it to penetrate piles of logs with ease.

 3. Are the bearing screws of the BROBOT wood clamps hardened?

Yes, all bearing screws of BROBOT wood clamps are hardened and fitted in steel bearing housings to ensure the long life of their high quality components.

 4. Do BROBOT wood grippers have an integrated check valve?

Yes, BROBOT wood clamps have an integrated check valve for safety in the event of an unexpected pressure drop.

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