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The BROBOT log grapple is an efficient and portable handling device with many advantages. It can be flexibly applied to the handling tasks of various materials, such as pipes, wood, steel, sugar cane, etc., and can easily meet the handling needs of various items. In terms of operation, we can configure different types of machinery according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, we can configure mechanical equipment with different functions such as loaders, forklifts, and telehandlers to ensure that they can function equally efficiently under different operations. In addition, we can also provide customers with customized design services to meet the special needs of different customers.

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BROBOT wood grabber has high working efficiency and low cost, which is of great significance for improving production efficiency and reducing logistics costs. The high efficiency of this equipment means that more work can be done in a short period of time, significantly improving production efficiency; while the low cost can save users money and reduce financial burdens. In short, BROBOT log grab is a multi-functional and practical handling device, which is capable of handling various handling conditions and has brought real help to customers from all walks of life. Whether you are in a factory, dock, logistics center, construction site, or farmland, BROBOT log grabs can provide you with efficient and reliable handling services.

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The BROBOT log grapple is a state-of-the-art professional tool with many unique features. It is designed with a low profile of a horizontal hydraulic cylinder, making it stand out when the interlock arm is closed. Its very robust construction, high quality components, large bearing system dimensions and long life allow it to handle heavy duty applications with ease. All bearing bolts are case hardened and housed in steel bearing bushes, further adding to their durability and stability. The optimized design minimizes the diameter of the grapple, making it ideal for handling thin wood safely, while also greatly increasing its working efficiency.

The BROBOT log grapple is designed with arms that splay almost vertically, allowing it to easily penetrate log piles for fast and efficient handling operations. In addition, the compensating rod is strong and synchronizes the arms, which guarantees excellent performance under different operating demands. It also protects the hydraulically connected hoses with the hose guard on the spinner for more durability and safety during work. Finally, the BROBOT log grapple ensures safe and stable operation in case of unexpected pressure drops due to the integrated check valve.

In a word, BROBOT log grab is a high-end advanced professional tool that can help you easily cope with many different application scenarios and work requirements. With its high efficiency, durability, safety, durability and many other advantages, it is the preferred handling equipment in many industrial and commercial fields. Whether you are in manufacturing, logistics or construction, BROBOT log grabs can provide you with excellent service and support.

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1. Can be designed according to user needs

2. Can be equipped with boom or telescopic boom, additional price

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 1. What materials can the BROBOT Wood Gripper grip?

A: BROBOT wood grippers can grip materials such as pipes, wood, steel, sugarcane, etc., and can be used with machinery such as loaders, forklifts, telesopic forklifts, etc.

 2. What are the features of the BROBOT Wood Gripper?

A: The BROBOT wood gripper has the following features: low height with horizontal hydraulic cylinder, especially when the locking arm is retracted to reduce the height; strong structure, high quality components and large bearing system, long service life; optimized design Allows for extremely small jaw diameters, ideal for safely handling thin wood; arms splay almost vertically for easy penetration into wood piles; powerful compensating lever keeps arms synchronized; hose guard on spinner protects Hydraulically connected hose; integrated check valve for safety in case of sudden pressure drop.

 3. How efficient is the BROBOT Wood Gripper?

Answer: BROBOT wood gripper has high working efficiency and low cost, and can realize a large number of handling conditions.

 4. Which industries are BROBOT wood grippers suitable for?

Answer: BROBOT wood grippers are suitable for many industries such as paper making, sawmilling, construction, factories and ports.

 5. What issues should be paid attention to with the BROBOT wood gripper?

Answer: When using the BROBOT wood gripper, you need to pay attention to maintenance and safety issues, check and replace damaged parts in time to avoid danger during use.

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