Powerful portable cordless branch saw for gardening

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The branch saw is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in high-efficiency cleaning of roadside shrubs and branches, hedge trimming, mowing, etc. on roads, railways, and highways. With a maximum cutting diameter of 100mm, the machinery is able to handle branches and bushes of all sizes with ease.

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Features of M1503 Rotary Lawn Mower

The shaft sleeves of the branch saw are all made of oil-free materials, which is more convenient and trouble-free to use. Integrated control enables flexible operation, the arm device can be turned forward, left, and right, and the second arm is retractable, which can flexibly handle problems in various positions. The cutting height is high, and it can handle trees with tall trunks, which brings more convenience to users. The blades of the clearing machine are arranged in a staggered manner, so that there will be no missed cutting, and it is fully protected, which is safe and guaranteed. The hydraulic parts adopt imported components to ensure the reliability and stability of the clearing machine. The high-speed rotation of the blade makes cleaning and pruning tasks easier, and it can be configured with quick changes to allow users to perform faster and more efficient operations. In addition, the pruning machine can be equipped with wood grabbers, wood cutters, hedge trimmers, logging machines, sweepers, buckets, plowers and other attachments, allowing users to have more application options and improving the flexibility of the equipment. To sum up, the clearing machine has excellent performance in many aspects, and it is a powerful assistant for road and railway construction and daily restoration.

Product Parameter

model size(m) gain of height (m) revolve(deg.) Width expansion(m) pressure(bar) rate of flow(L/min) 臂型 切割头
EK40 6x2x2.85 4 180 2 200 60-80 EKG40 EKH-2
EK60 6x2x2.85 6 180 2 200 60-80 EKG60 EKH-3
EK100 7x2.1x2.9 10 180 2 250 70-120 EKG100 EKH-4
EK120 7x2.2x3 12 180 2 250 70-120 EKG120 EKH-4

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