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The BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler is a high-quality cotton bale handler with several features that make it the best choice. First of all, the equipment uses thickened inclined plates and main beams, which can effectively improve its service life and bearing capacity. Secondly, the inner and outer roller structure is more reliable than the sliding structure, so as to ensure the safety in the process of loading and unloading cotton. Third, the equipment adopts a new synchronous valve and has a hydraulic self-locking function, which makes the operation more convenient and quick. Fourth, the hydraulic cylinder adopts a thicker wall thickness to withstand two-way high pressure, thereby ensuring its service life. The five-in-one design of the equipment allows the user to use the tractor alone or with the mast and loader. Sixth, the pins and joints are made of special materials and plated with blue and white environmentally friendly zinc. Its seven, its high-pressure oil pipe is not only reliable, and stable. Finally, all structures of the BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler have been analyzed by ANSYS and have an extremely long service life. If you want to buy efficient and safe cotton processing equipment, then this equipment is definitely your wise choice.

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The BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler is a highly efficient device designed for cotton Bale handling with several functions and features. First of all, the main frame structure of the equipment is constructed of special thickened material and optimized through ANSYS analysis for higher durability and impact strength. Secondly, the double rolling system adopts heat-treated and blue-white environmentally friendly zinc-plated rollers and pins, which provides a more reliable operation mode. Third, in terms of paint, the equipment uses international standard color paint, which has excellent weather resistance and can support the durability of labels for more than 4 years. Fourth, the equipment can be applied to a variety of mounting methods, such as tractor front and rear mounting, loader mounting and door frame mounting, etc. Fifth, the thickened cylinder wall is equipped with two-way high-pressure loads, which can withstand the pressure brought by high-intensity working environments. Sixth, the hydraulic control valve has the functions of side shifting and locking, which is convenient for users to operate and control. Seventh, the whole equipment adopts 3M reflective film, which has excellent reflectivity and durability, and can meet various night work needs. All in all, BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler is your best choice. If you want to finish cotton Bale handling work efficiently and improve work quality and efficiency, then this equipment will definitely satisfy you.

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1. What is the main frame structure of BROBOTCotton Bale Handler?
The main frame structure of the BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler is made of custom thick material, which has been analyzed by ANSYS to optimize impact strength and have higher durability.

2. What processing system does BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler adopt?
The BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler adopts a double-roller processing system. The rollers and pins are heat-treated, and the surface is treated with blue and white environmental protection zinc plating.

3. What is the installation method of BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler?
BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler can be used in both front and rear installations of tractors, loaders and door frames.

4. What are the other features of BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler?
BROBOT Cotton Bale Handler has the characteristics of thickened cylinder wall, two-way high pressure load, hydraulic control valve with side shift and locking function, international standard paint, strong weather resistance and more than 4 years of label weather resistance, etc.

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