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The BROBOT rotary cutter mower is a powerful tool with sophisticated features designed to enhance its functionality and efficiency. One of its main features is the heat-dissipating gearbox, which ensures optimum performance under high-stress conditions, allowing for long periods of efficient operation without overheating issues. The machine’s wing anti-breakaway system is another noteworthy feature, ensuring its stability when passing rough terrain or obstacles. The system works by holding the mower’s wings securely in place, preventing instability or disengagement during operation.  The BROBOT mower also has a unique keyway bolt design that increases its durability and sturdiness while making assembly and disassembly effortless. This makes the maintenance process fast and straightforward, requiring no special tools or expertise. In addition to the robust construction, user safety of the lawn mower is prioritized through the easily removable safety chain. This ensures that the machine stops in the event of an unexpected event, protecting both the user and the mower from any potential accidents.

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Features of M2205 Rotary Cutter Mower

1. The new tailgate for residue distribution enables more effective residue distribution and provides a safer working environment.
2. The single-ply dome deck design features a sweeping cleaning system that eliminates excess weight in the double-deck design, reduces debris buildup and helps prevent moisture from rusting. In addition, the robustness of No. 7 metal interlocks provides unmatched deck strength.
3. The variable position guard allows you to vary the flow of material beneath the cut for maximum shredding and distribution.
4. The speed leveling system can effectively reduce front and rear leveling settings and switching time between tractors for different drawbar heights.
5. The transport width of the device is extremely narrow.
6. The device adopts a deeper frame and increased tip speed, which can produce better material cutting and flow performance.

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Hitch Weight(depending on configuration)


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Blade Overlap


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Wing Working Range


Wing Floating Range


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 1. How strong is the deck of the M2205 mower?

The deck of the M2205 mower features a strong 7-gauge metal lock for strength and durability.

 2. How much maintenance does the M2205 mower require?

The M2205 mower requires regular annual maintenance to ensure its performance and durability. It is recommended that the cutting machine be cleaned and lubricated, and that parts be replaced regularly.

 3. What are the safety features of the M2205 Lawn Mower?

The M2205 lawn mower incorporates many safety measures to ensure the safety of the operator. Things like a new residue-distributing tailgate ensure a safer working environment, and the cutter and deck feature isolators to prevent accidents.

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