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A fertilizer spreader is a machine with a wide range of applications that spreads waste material in both single and multi-axis fashion. Mounted on a tractor’s three-point hydraulic lift system, the machine uses two disc distributors for surface distribution of organic and chemical fertilizers. BROBOT is dedicated to the development of plant nutrition optimization technology, offering a fertilizer spreader.

Fertilizer spreader is a kind of advanced equipment with technical improvement and innovative design, which is specially designed for fertilizer distribution in agricultural field. It has excellent performance and multifunctional properties, which can meet the fertilizer needs of different crops.

This fertilizer spreader adopts single-axis and multi-axis propagation methods, which can efficiently spread waste materials to the land, so as to effectively use resources and reduce environmental pollution. Whether it is organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer, it can be distributed evenly and accurately by this machine.

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Mounted on the tractor's three-point hydraulic lift system, this fertilizer spreader is very easy to operate and control. The user only needs to connect it with the tractor, and then control the operation of the distributor through the hydraulic lifting system. The simple control panel adjusts and monitors the rate and coverage of the spread, ensuring even fertilizer distribution and optimum results.

BROBOT has been committed to developing and improving plant nutrition optimization technology to provide better solutions for agricultural production. Their fertilizer spreaders are manufactured using advanced technology and materials for superior durability and reliability. Whether it is a large-scale farm or a small field, this fertilizer spreader can help farmers improve production efficiency and quality.

In summary, a fertilizer spreader is a powerful piece of equipment that, through its advanced spreading technology, can help farmers effectively manage and optimize the nutritional needs of plants. BROBOT's fertilizer spreader will become an ideal choice in the agricultural field, bringing better crop planting experience and benefits to farmers.

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The fertilizer applicator is a powerful, reliable and durable equipment for fertilizing operations on farmland. The equipment adopts a strong frame structure to ensure long-term reliable operation. The spreading system of the moist fertilizer applicator can realize the uniform distribution of fertilizer on the spreading disc and the precise area distribution on the field.

The spreading disc of the machine is equipped with two pairs of blades, which spread the fertilizer evenly over a working width of 10-18 meters. At the same time, it is also possible to carry out fertilizer spreading work at the edge of the field by installing terminal spreading discs (extra equipment).

The fertilizer applicator adopts hydraulically operated valves, which can close each dosage port independently. This design ensures precise control of the fertilizer, further improving the effect of fertilization.

The flexible cycloid agitator can ensure that the fertilizer is evenly distributed on the spreading disc, ensuring a more uniform fertilization effect.

The storage tank of the fertilizer spreader is equipped with a screen to protect the fertilizer spreader and prevent caked fertilizers and impurities from entering the diffusion area inside the storage tank. In addition, stainless steel operating components such as expansion pans, baffles and bottom canopy ensure long-term reliable operation of the power transmission system.

In order to cope with various climatic conditions, the fertilizer spreader adopts a foldable tarpaulin cover. The device can be conveniently installed on the top water tank, and the capacity of the water tank can be adjusted according to the needs.

The fertilizer applicator has advanced design and powerful functions, and is suitable for various farmland fertilization operations. Its efficient performance and reliability will provide farmers with better fertilization solutions. Whether it is a small field or a large-scale farm, the moist fertilizer applicator is your ideal fertilizer application equipment.


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 Q: What are the benefits of using a foldable plastic sheet shield?

A: Using a collapsible plastic sheet shield has the following benefits:

1. Can be operated under various climatic conditions.

2. The protective cover can protect the water in the water tank from being polluted by external impurities.

3. The protective cover can provide privacy and protect the tank from damage.


 Q: How to install top equipment (extra equipment)?

A: The steps to install the top device are as follows:

1. Place the top unit on top of the tank.

2. Adjust the capacity of the top unit as required.


Q: Is the water tank capacity of the BROBOT fertilizer spreader adjustable?

A: Yes, the water tank capacity of BROBOT fertilizer spreader can be adjusted.

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