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The BROBOT Rotary Straw Cutter has a cutting-edge design with adjustable skids and wheels that can be modified to suit a variety of working conditions. This flexibility allows the operator to customize the height of the machine, ensuring optimum performance. Plus, the board and wheels are made from top-quality materials that have been carefully machined and rigorously tested for long-lasting durability. Therefore, they provide reliable support and seamless operation, guaranteeing a smooth working experience.

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The BROBOT Rotary Straw Cutter offers superior cutting performance for easy and precise handling of tough stalks such as corn stalks and cotton stalks. These knives are made from strong materials and specially treated to increase their cutting ability and longevity. These products effortlessly achieve top-notch, efficient cutting.

In addition, BROBOT Rotary Straw Cutters are also humanized and easy to operate and maintain. They are equipped with a simple control panel, allowing the operator to easily manage cutting speed and other parameters. Additionally, these products are equipped with advanced automatic lubrication systems that reduce the frequency and complexity of lubrication tasks.

In conclusion, the BROBOT Rotary Cutter is an excellent solution for cutting rigid stems in a variety of agricultural environments. Its performance, reliability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for farmers and agricultural professionals. Whether working on a large farm or a small piece of land, the BC6500 range offers efficient, precise and reliable cutting solutions.

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Different models are equipped with 2-6 directional wheel sets, and the configuration is flexible and diverse.

For models above BC3200, the dual drive system can realize the exchange of large and small wheels and output different speeds.

The rotor has been dynamically balanced to ensure stable operation, and can be independently assembled and disassembled for maintenance, which is convenient and practical.

Adopt an independent rotating unit and configure heavy-duty bearings to provide solid support.

It adopts double-layer staggered wear-resistant cutters and is equipped with an internal chip cleaning device to improve durability and cleaning efficiency.

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Q: What stems is the BROBOT Rotary Stem Cutter mainly used for?

A: BROBOT straw rotary cutter is mainly used for cutting hard stems such as corn stalks, sunflower stalks, cotton stalks and shrubs. They use advanced technology and reliable design to complete cutting tasks efficiently.


Q: How does the BROBOT Stem Rotary Cutter increase cutting speed and accuracy?

A: The BROBOT Rotary Straw Cutter is equipped with cutting-edge technology specially designed for cutting tough straw. The blade is made of a high hardness material that easily penetrates the stem, ensuring fast, precise cuts.


Q: How does the BROBOT straw rotary cutter adapt to different working conditions and requirements?

A: BROBOT straw rotary cutting machine provides various configurations such as rollers and slides to adapt to different working conditions and meet specific cutting needs. This flexibility enables users to achieve optimal cutting results in different working environments.

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