BROBOT Rotary cutter Mower: Superior Durability and Performance

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The P1204 rotary cutter mower is a new type of rotary cutter mower with a cutting width of 3.6 meters and equipped with 5 sets of triangular blades. It works efficiently and cuts grass quickly and thoroughly. At the same time, the mower also uses high-speed high-performance bearings and double-layer seals, which make it have a long service life. In addition, the 22-gauge double-ply drive belt not only has high durability, but also provides stable and reliable transmission.

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1. The cutting width ranges from 2700mm to 13600mm.

2. Designed for heavy duty crop clearing, roadside and pasture maintenance.

3. Sturdy 10-gauge steel streamlined deck, effectively prevents garbage and stagnant water.

4. Rubber bumper shaft provides excellent load protection in rough terrain.

5. Equipped with the standard configuration of fully enclosed transmission system and anti-slip clutch.

6. High tip speed and circular cutterhead ensure excellent cutting performance.

Product details

The whole rotary cutter mower adopts the body paint baking process, which has high corrosion resistance and anti-aging ability. This mower maintains its surface in great condition, whether in wet conditions or in adverse weather conditions. In addition, this rotary cutter mower is also equipped with Nm500 anti-skid plate, which has excellent high strength and wear resistance. After ANSYS analysis and strength design optimization, the body of the rotary cutter mower will not produce any deformation, and can guarantee efficient and stable work for a long time.

The P1204 rotary cutter mower has excellent performance and can be widely used in mowing large areas of lawns such as landscaping, golf courses, lawns and sports fields. Whether it is a public place or a private garden, it can provide you with a high-quality mowing experience.

The mower is compact and easy to operate. Equipped with humanized handle and adjustment rod, you can easily adjust the mowing height to suit different needs. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of low noise and low vibration, providing you with a comfortable and quiet working environment.

The P1204 rotary cutter mower is built with advanced technology and high-quality materials for excellent durability and stability. Whether it is maintenance operations or service life, it can meet your needs. Moreover, we provide comprehensive after-sales service to solve any problems during use for you.

All in all, the P1204 rotary cutter mower is an efficient, durable and stable mowing tool, which can meet your mowing needs whether it is on a large lawn or a small garden. Choose the P1204 Rotary Cutter Mower and give your lawn a lush green look.

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Cutting Capacity


Cutting Height


Approximate Weight


Dimensions (w x l)


Type Hitch

Class I and II semi-mounted, center pull




ASAE Cat. 4

Tractor PTO Speed


Driveline Protection

4-plate PTO slipper clutch

Blade Holder(s)

Shoulder pole





Minimum Tractor HP




Height Adjustment

Manual latch

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Q:What is the mowing width of the P1204 mower?

A:The mowing width of the P1204 rotary cutter mower can reach 3.6 meters.


Q:What kind of knives are equipped with the P1204 mower?

A:The P1204 rotary cutter mower is equipped with 5 sets of triangular cutters, which have high-efficiency working characteristics.


Q:What are the characteristics of the bearings and seals of the P1204 rotary cutter mower?

A:The P1204 mower features high-speed, high-performance bearings and double-layer seals for exceptional durability.


Q:What are the characteristics of the belt of the P1204 rotary cutter mower?

A:The P1204 mower features a 22-gauge, double-ply belt for high durability.


Q:What are the characteristics of the coating of the P1204 mower?

A:The P1204 rotary cutter mower adopts the car paint baking process, which has high corrosion resistance and weather resistance.


Q:What kind of guards does the P1204 mower come with?

A:The P1204 rotary cutter mower is equipped with Nm500 guard plate, which has high strength and wear resistance.


Q:What kind of analysis and design did the P1204 mower go through?

A:The P1204 mower has been analyzed by ANSYS and optimized for strength design to ensure that the fuselage will not be deformed.

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