Cutting-edge shaft design for rotary cutter mower

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Model No.: 802A
BROBOT shaft mower is a high-quality, high-performance agricultural machinery and equipment, which is widely used in fields, pastures, orchards and other workplaces. The product has compact structure, simple maintenance, and is produced with high-quality materials and advanced technology. It is durable and reliable, and is the best choice for farmers. Welcome customers to come to consult and buy!

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The BROBOT axis mower is a high-performance, multi-functional agricultural machinery and equipment. The product adopts advanced technology and equipment, and has the following excellent characteristics:

1. With 1000 rpm drive shaft and heavy-duty slip clutch, it can achieve efficient and stable work with excellent mowing effect.

2. The universal joint connection device and traction device are used to ensure the stability and flexibility of the lawn mower, so that it can easily cope with various terrains and environments.

3. Equipped with 2 pneumatic tires, which have good wear resistance and anti-skid performance, and can work in various terrains and weather conditions.

4. Using the stabilizer adjustment system, the height adjustment of the lawn mower can be realized, so as to better adapt to different working environments and working requirements.

5. Equipped with an automatic guide wheel device, which can automatically control the running direction and speed of the lawn mower, so as to complete the work more accurately and efficiently.

6. All important hinge parts are made of composite copper sleeves, no need to refuel, more convenient and energy-saving.

7. Equipped with international general safety warning signs, it can also realize safe operation at night or in dimly lit environments.

8. Adopting a three-speed gearbox structure, the work is more stable and smooth, and can generate greater mowing power.

9. The optional fixed knife crushing knife kit can better strengthen the crushing operation and make the residue more finely crushed.

10. Equipped with a relatively moving knife group, it can crush crops more effectively and speed up the work progress.


Product Parameter



Cutting Width


Cutting Capacity


Cutting Height


Approximate Weight


Dimensions (w x l)


Type Hitch

Class I and II semi-mounted, center pull




 ASAE Cat. 4

Tractor PTO Speed


Driveline Protection

4 disc PTO sliding clutch

Blade Holder(s)

Pole type


Pneumatic tyre

Minimum Tractor HP



Front and rear chain

Height Adjustment

Hand bolt

Product display

Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (1)
Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (3)
Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (2)
Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (5)
Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (6)
Shaft-rotary-cutter-mower (4)


1. What is the drive line speed of the BROBOT Rotary Cutter Mower?

Answer: The drive line speed of BROBOT rotary cutter mower is 1000rpm.

2. What is the function of the stabilizer on the BROBOT rotary cutter mower?

Answer: The stabilizer of the BROBOT rotary cutter mower can be adjusted horizontally to keep the operation stable.

3. What is the guide wheel device of the BROBOT rotary cutter mower?

Answer: The guide wheel device of the BROBOT rotary cutter mower is automatic, which can help the machine maintain a certain direction and position, and make the cutting more accurate.

4. What is the cutting force of the BROBOT Rotary Mower?

Answer: The BROBOT shaft rotary cutter  mower adopts a three-stage transmission structure, which is stable in operation and stronger in cutting force. At the same time, it can be equipped with a set of fixed knife crushing teeth, which is used to strengthen the crushing of crop residues, and relatively move the knife set to achieve more effective crushing.

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