BROBOT stalk rotary cutter harvests crops efficiently

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Model:CB series 


CB series products are mainly suitable for cutting hard stems such as corn stalks, sunflower stalks, cotton stalks and shrubs. It uses advanced technology and design to efficiently complete cutting tasks, and provides excellent performance and reliability. The product is available in a variety of configurations, including rollers and slides, to meet different working conditions and needs.

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The BROBOT stalk rotary cutter adopts an innovative design, and its slide plate and wheels can be adjusted in height to suit different working environments. This allows the operator to adjust the height of the machine as needed to ensure optimum work results. The skids and wheels of the machine are made of high-quality materials, precisely machined and tested for durability, providing stable support and smooth operation during use.

The cutting effect of CB series products is very good. They quickly and accurately cut all kinds of tough stems, from corn to cotton stalks, with ease. The knives are made of high-strength materials and specially treated for excellent cutting ability and long life. They cut stems with ease, ensuring quality and efficient cuts.

In addition to excellent performance and reliability, the CB series products are also very easy to operate and maintain. They feature a simple and intuitive control panel, allowing operators to easily control cutting speed and other parameters. At the same time, the product also has an efficient automatic lubrication system, which can reduce the frequency and difficulty of lubrication work.

Overall, the BROBOT Rotary Cutter is an excellent product for the needs of cutting hard stems in a variety of agricultural environments. Its performance, reliability and ease of operation make it ideal for farmers and agricultural professionals. Whether it is a large-scale agricultural production or a small farm, the CB series products can provide efficient, accurate and reliable cutting solutions.

Product Parameter

Type Cutting range(mm) Total width(mm) Input(.rpm) Tractor power(HP) Tool(ea) Weight(kg)
CB2100 2125 2431 540/1000 80-100 52 900
CB3200 3230 3480 540/1000 100-200 84 1570
CB4000 4010 4350 540/1000 120-200 96 2400
CB4500 4518 4930 540/1000 120-200 108 2775
CB6500 6520 6890 540/1000 140-220 168 4200

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Q : Which crops are BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products suitable for?

A: BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products are mainly suitable for hard stalk crops such as corn stalks, sunflower stalks, cotton stalks and shrubs.

Q: Can BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products be adjusted in height according to working conditions?

A: Yes, the height of the skateboard and wheels of BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products can be adjusted to suit different working conditions.

Q: Are BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products easy to disassemble and maintain?

A: Yes, BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products are assembled independently for easy disassembly and maintenance.

Q: Does BROBOT stalk rotary cutting product have cutting effect cleaning equipment?

A: Yes, BROBOT stalk rotary cutting products use double-layer staggered wear-resistant cutters, and are equipped with an internal chip cleaning device, which can effectively clean chips.

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