Compact and efficient lawn maintenance with W903 Smart Mower

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Model No.: W903

Introduction:Rotary mowers are belt mowers. It has high speed and stable performance. All models are painted with higher durability and corrosion resistance.  P-Series lawn mowers feature corner cutters and self-priming for fuller sidegrass. With double hanger structure, it can flexibly trim weeds on roadsides and embankments. Adopt No. 22 heavy-duty belt and high-speed bearings, double-layer sealed protection.

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Features of W903 Rotary Lawn Mower

1. 2700mm to 3600mm cutting width.
2. Designed for heavy duty crop clearing, roadside and pasture maintenance.
3. Sturdy 10-gauge steel streamlined deck to keep out trash and standing water.
4. The rubber buffer shaft provides you with full load protection in rough terrain.
5. Standard configuration, fully enclosed drive train and anti-slip clutch.
6. High tip speed and circular cutterhead ensure better cutting performance.

Product parameter





Cutting Capacity


Cutting Height


Approximate Weight


Dimensions (w x l)


Type Hitch

Class I and II semi-mounted, center pull




ASAE Cat. 4

Tractor PTO Speed


Driveline Protection

4-plate PTO slipper clutch

Blade Holder(s)

shoulder pole





Minimum Tractor HP




Height Adjustment

manual latch

Product display

rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (1)
rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (2)
rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (4)
rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (5)
rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (7)
rotary-cutter-mower-W903 (8)


 1. Is it possible to trim long grass?

A: Yes, our P-Series mowers can cut side grass and long grass.

 2. How fast is the mower?

A: Our mowers have high-speed and stable performance to ensure that you can complete mowing tasks quickly and efficiently.

 3. What kind of maintenance does the lawn mower need?

Answer: Please check the belt and bearings of the mower regularly and lubricate them.

 4. Does the lawn mower come with a warranty?

A: Our lawn mowers come with a warranty to ensure your pleasant shopping experience.

5. Is the lawn mower suitable for home use?

A: Yes, our mowers are perfect for home and light commercial use.

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