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The BROBOT Orchard Mower is a mower with a variable width design consisting of a rigid central section with adjustable wings on both sides. The flaps open and close smoothly and independently, making rows of trees at different intervals in orchards and vineyards easier and more accurate. The center section has two front wheels and a rear roller, while the wing sections have supporting discs and bearings. The floating amount of the fin part can moderately adapt to the undulation of the ground surface. If the terrain is uneven, you can also choose to use the version with liftable fins.

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The BROBOT Orchard Mower has a variety of features and benefits that make it great in orchards and vineyards. First of all, it has a variable amplitude design, which can be adjusted according to the width of the row of trees, which reduces the workload of the manual lawn mower and improves work efficiency. In addition, it also has high reliability and good durability, long service life, and will not be easily damaged. Especially in trapezoidal orchards and steep terrain, it is handy.

In addition, the BROBOT Orchard Mower has adaptive features, which can automatically adjust the height of the wings according to the floating of the ground to keep the lawn surface smooth and tidy. At the same time, it also has the function of mother and child tree protection device, which can effectively prevent damage to fruit trees and vines, and plays an active role in lawn protection.

Therefore, BROBOT Orchard Mower not only has an innovative and efficient design, but also focuses on practicality, stability and safety, which can provide high-quality and convenient mowing services for your orchard and vineyard.

Product Parameter

Cutting Width(mm) 2250-3600
Min.Power Required(mm) 50-60
Cutting Height 40-100
Approximate Weight(mm) 630
Dimensions 2280
Type Hitch Mounted type
Driveshaft 1-3/8-6
Tractor PTO Speed(rpm) 540
Number blades 5
Tires Pneumatic tyre
Height Adjustment Hand Bolt

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Q: What is BROBOT Orchard Mower?
A: The BROBOT Orchard Mower is a variable width mower consisting of a rigid center section with adjustable wings. The wings can be opened and closed smoothly and independently, conveniently and precisely adjusting the mowing width of orchards and vineyards with different row spacings.

Q: What are the design features of the center section and wing section of the BROBOT orchard mower?
A: The center part of BROBOT orchard mower has two front support wheels and one rear roller, and the wing part has support plates and bearings. There is a little buoyancy on the fins so that the ground can heave. Liftable fins are an option for use on undulating or uneven ground.

Q: Which orchards and vineyards are BROBOT orchard mowers suitable for?
A: BROBOT orchard mower is suitable for orchards and vineyards with different row spacing, and its variable width design makes it suitable for different planting methods of fruit trees and grapes.

Q: How can the blades of the BROBOT orchard mower be adjusted?
A: The blades of the BROBOT orchard mower can be opened and closed smoothly and independently, which is convenient and precise to adjust the mowing width of orchards and vineyards with different row spacings. If the terrain is undulating or uneven ground, liftable fins are an option.

Q: What are the advantages of the advanced design of the BROBOT orchard mower?
A: The advanced design of BROBOT Orchard Mower can adjust the width freely, so as to adapt to fruit trees and grapes with different row spacing. Its support wheels and bearings help the mower run smoothly and avoid ground damage. The buoyancy on the fins also helps reduce ground turbulence.

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