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Model No.:  M1503  4.5m

Introduction: BROBOT rotary cutter mower has heat dissipation gearbox, equipped with wing anti-off device, keyway bolt design, easy to disassemble safety chain, 6 gearbox layout, 5 anti-skid locks, the layout of the rotor has efficient cutting ability, and can be used for large mowers. The grass mower improves field efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, easy-to-use safety pins, removable standard wheels, narrower transport width, fixed knives for cutting crushed materials, and small casters installed at the front to reduce wing bounce.

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Features of M1503 Rotary Lawn Mower

1. The 15' lawn mower has excellent chopping ability. Cutting width 4.5m
2. Can accommodate 30”, 32”, 26”, 38” row spacing
3. Excellent shredding and distributing ability of fixed knife group
4. Unique driving layout, each lower box is equipped with a clutch.
5. The bottom surfaces of all units form a plane
6. Use rubber pads as rear suspension floating shock absorbers
7. Parallel lift cutting system.
8. Non-adjustable clutch provides low maintenance.
9. The 300hp 50-degree distribution gearbox allows unique transmission system layout.

The lawn mower produced by BROBOT is an advanced equipment with many excellent performances and functions, including heat dissipation gearbox, wing-shaped anti-separation device, keyway bolt design, easy-to-remove safety chain, 6 gearbox layouts , 5 anti-skid locks and so on. While the rotator layout provides efficient cutting capacity for use with larger lawn mowers. Use this mower to maximize yard efficiency and reduce fuel consumption thanks to easy-to-use safety pins, removable standard wheels and a narrower transport width. In addition, in order to better cut the already crushed material, the BROBOT lawn mower is equipped with fixed blades, which can better cut the lawn and improve mowing efficiency. At the same time, unlike other lawn mowers, in order to reduce wing bounce and avoid damage to equipment, BROBOT has also installed small casters on the front, which is also an effective way to reduce damage to equipment during transportation. The BROBOT lawn mower is not only efficient but also safe to use, making this device a must-have in the market. Whether it's for home or industrial lawn cutting, the BROBOT lawn mower is a cost-effective utility tool worth investing in and using.

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1. What is the mowing capacity of the M1503 mower?

The M1503 lawn mower has excellent mowing capacity, with a size of 15 feet and a cutting width of 4.5 meters.

2. What are the advantages of the blade unit of the M1503 mower?

The fixed knife unit of the M1503 lawn mower provides excellent cutting and distribution capabilities.

3. What material is used for the rear suspension shock absorber of the M1503 lawn mower?

The rear suspension shock absorber of the M1503 mower uses rubber pads.

4. What mowing system does the M1503 mower use?

The M1503 mower uses a parallel lift mowing system.

5. How much power does the gearbox of the M1503 mower have?

The M1503 mower has a 300 hp gearbox that allows for a unique transmission layout.

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