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BROBOT log grab DX is a super-functional material handling machine, which is mainly used in the process of grabbing and handling various materials such as pipes, wood, steel, sugar cane, etc. At the same time, its unique design can be configured with different types of machinery, such as loaders, forklifts, telescopic forklifts and other equipment, according to the needs of different factories, enterprises and production lines. This tool is highly efficient, low cost and ideally suited for material handling needs in various industries such as responsible logistics and warehousing.

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Especially in the logistics industry, fast and efficient handling capabilities are also extremely important. In addition, the equipment can also adapt to various high-volume handling conditions. The use of this equipment can reduce the expenditure of human resources and improve production efficiency. The equipment is also easy to use, easy to operate, and convenient to transport. There is no threshold for use, and employees only need a small amount of training to master it, which greatly reduces the cost of recruitment and training for enterprises. All in all, the device is a very practical material handling tool that can help many companies improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

Product details

BROBOT wood clamps have the following features: 1. Sturdy structure, high quality parts, all holes are lubricated with sleeves, long life. All bolts are quenched and all structural components have been analyzed by ANSYS. 2. Optimized design for minimum and maximum gripping range. 3. The optimized design of the claws and the simulation of the human hand structure make it easy to penetrate the wood pile. 4. Guaranteed safety due to the synchronous arm of the strong compensation lever. 5. Integrated check valve to ensure safety in case of unexpected pressure drop.

BROBOT wood clamps are carefully crafted with advanced technology, making the product high-quality, sturdy and durable, and all structural components have been precisely calculated and optimized to achieve minimum and maximum grabbing ranges to ensure more efficient and accurate work.

At the same time, the product also has a simulation of the structure of the human hand, so that the claws of the clamp can easily penetrate the wood pile and automatically grab the wood, which greatly improves the work efficiency. In addition, the synchronous arm of the strong compensation rod ensures the safety of the product during work, and automatically activates the integrated check valve when the pressure drops unexpectedly, which further ensures the safety of personnel.

In addition, BROBOT wood clamps are made of high-quality parts, and all holes are lubricated with sleeves, which ensures the long life of each part and can withstand the high-intensity use environment. All bolts are quenched, and all structural components have been analyzed by ANSYS to ensure their stability and high quality.

In general, BROBOT wood fixture is a high-quality, durable, safe and reliable product with high work efficiency. Its appearance greatly improves the efficiency of wood collection and processing, so it is your best choice.

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Width B(mm)

Load capacity(kg)

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1. 4 prongs can be configured according to user requirements, and an additional price will be added

2. The tool user can configure solenoid valve control, additional price

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1. What is BROBOT Wood Grabber DX for?

The BROBOT Wood Grabber DX is a versatile machine that can be used to grab and transport pipe, lumber, steel, sugar cane and other materials. It can be configured with loaders, forklifts, telescopic forklifts and other machinery.

 2. What are the advantages of BROBOT Wood Grabber DX?

The BROBOT Wood Grabber DX has many advantages including sturdy construction and high quality components for a long service life. It also has an optimized design for the minimum and maximum grabbing range, and claws that simulate the structure of a human hand, which can easily penetrate stakes. In addition, its robust compensating rod synchronizes the arms and an integrated check valve ensures safety in case of unexpected pressure drops.

 3. What processing conditions can BROBOT Wood Grabber DX handle?

Thanks to its versatile design and configuration options, the BROBOT Wood Grabber DX can handle a large number of handling conditions. Whether you need to grab and haul pipe, lumber, steel, sugar cane or other materials, the Wood Grabber DX can handle it.

 4. Is BROBOT Wood Grabber DX cost effective?

Yes, the BROBOT Wood Grabber DX has been designed to be cost effective while still providing a high level of productivity. Its sturdy construction and high-quality parts ensure a long service life, while its optimized design and human-like claws handle materials efficiently. Plus, its versatility and compatibility with different machinery configurations make it a valuable investment for any operation.

 5. Has BROBOT Wood Grabber DX been analyzed and tested?

Yes, all structural components of the BROBOT Wood Grabber DX have been analyzed using ANSYS to ensure optimal design and performance. Additionally, the machine is manufactured with case hardened bolts and lubrication holes to ensure a long service life.

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