Classification of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers can be classified according to different criteria. 1. According to the way of travel, it can be divided into drag type, rear push type, mount type and tractor suspension type. 2. According to the power drive mode, it can be divided into human and animal drive, engine drive, electric drive and solar drive. 3. According to the mowing method, it can be divided into hob type, rotary type, side hanging type and throwing type. 4. According to the mowing requirements, it can be divided into flat type, half-waist type and truncated type.

In addition, lawn mowers can also be classified according to the driving method. Existing lawnmowers can be divided into manual lawnmowers and hydraulic drive lawnmowers. The height of the push lawn mower is fixed and does not need to be controlled artificially, but its power is relatively low, the noise is relatively large, and its appearance is exquisite and beautiful. Now widely used in mowing operations. Hydraulic drive lawn mower is mainly composed of manual hydraulic motor and rear wheel drive, easy to operate, can achieve zero turning, suitable for commercial mowing and riding lawn mower, with good operability and power characteristics, mainly used for ordinary operations .

Finally, lawn mowers can also be categorized by how the blades work. Rotary knife mowers are suitable for harvesting natural grass and planting grass, and can be divided into upper drive type and lower drive type according to the power transmission mode. The rotary knife mower is characterized by simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment, stable transmission, no balance force and no knife blockage. Its disadvantage is that the heavy mowing area is large, and the mowed grass leaves residual marks. The hob mower is suitable for flat ground and high-quality lawn, such as various sports fields. The hob mowers include hand-push, step-by-step, ride-on, large tractor-drawn and suspended types. The reel mower mows the grass through the combination of the reel and the bedknife. The reel is shaped like a cylindrical cage. The cutting knife is mounted on the cylindrical surface in a spiral shape. Produces a sliding shear effect that cuts gradually, cutting through grass stems. The quality of grass cut by a reel mower depends on the number of blades on the reel and the rotational speed of the reel. The more blades on the reel, the more cuts are made per unit length of travel and the finer the cut grass. The higher the speed of the reel, the finer the grass will be cut.

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Post time: May-31-2023