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The BROBOT lawn mower features a unique keyway bolt design that not only increases its durability and sturdiness, but also makes it easier to assemble and disassemble. This means that maintenance procedures can be carried out quickly and easily without any special tools or expertise. To further increase user safety, the lawn mower is also equipped with an easily removable safety chain, which ensures that the machine stops in the event of any accident. This is a vital safety feature that protects both the user and the mower from any potential accidents.  BROBOT mowers feature a 6-gearbox layout that delivers consistent and efficient power delivery even when operating in challenging conditions. Plus, the mower features 5 anti-slip latches to keep the machine stable and in place, even when traversing steep slopes or slippery surfaces.

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Features of M1503 Rotary Lawn Mower

1. The 20' lawn mower has excellent chopping ability. Cutting width 6.1m
2. Can accommodate 30”, 32”, 26”, 38” row spacing.
3. Excellent shredding and distributing ability of fixed knife group
4. Unique driving layout, each lower box is equipped with a clutch.
5. The bottom surfaces of all units form a plane
6. Use rubber pads as rear suspension floating shock absorbers
7. Parallel lift cutting system.
8. Non-adjustable clutch provides low maintenance.
9. The 300hp 50-degree distribution gearbox allows for a unique drivetrain layout.

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Cutting Width


Overall Width


Overall Length


Transport Width


Transport Height


Weight(depending on configuration)


Hitch Weight(depending on configuration)


Minimum Tractor HP


Recommended Tractor HP


Cutting Height(depending on configuration)


Ground Clearance


Cutting Capacity


Blade Overlap


Number of tools




Wing Working Range


Wing Floating Range


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Q1: Does the BROBOT mower have a cooling gearbox?

A1: Yes, the BROBOT lawn mower is equipped with a cooling gearbox.

Q2: What is the purpose of the wing anti-detachment device?

A2: The wing anti-off device is used to prevent the mower wings from falling off during operation.

Q3: What is the keyway bolt design for?

A3: Keyway bolts are designed to prevent the bolt from loosening during operation.

Q4: Is the safety chain easy to remove?

A4: Yes, the safety chain is designed to be easily removable.

Q5: How many gearbox layouts does BROBOT mower have?

A5: There are 6 gearbox layouts for BROBOT mowers.

Q6: Does the BROBOT mower have anti-skid locks?

A6: Yes, BROBOT mower has 5 anti-skid locks.

Q7: What is the layout of the rotor for?

A7: The layout of the rotors is designed to increase the efficiency of large mowers in the field.

Q8: Does the BROBOT mower help reduce fuel consumption?

A8: Yes, BROBOT mowers are designed to reduce fuel consumption.

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