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The mower’s 6-gearbox layout provides consistent and efficient power delivery, making it the ideal tool for challenging conditions. In addition, the machine’s 5 anti-skid locks ensure its stability on steep slopes or slippery surfaces.  Featuring a rotor layout that maximizes cutting efficiency, BROBOT mowers are the perfect tool for mowing lush grass and vegetation. Its large mower increases field efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.  BROBOT lawn mowers are engineered with features like a convenient safety pin, removable standard wheels and a narrow transport width. The fixed blade is suitable for cutting and crushing materials to produce the best results. Small casters mounted to the front of the mower reduce wing bounce and ensure smooth operation without unnecessary vibration or shock.

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Features of M1503 Rotary Lawn Mower

1. This lawn mower has excellent cutting and chopping performance, with a cutting width of up to 7.92 meters.
2. The machine can adapt to a variety of row spacing, including 30 inches, 32 inches, 26 inches and 38 inches.
3. It has excellent layout ability for cutting and fixing knives.
4. The machine adopts a unique drive layout, and each lower box is equipped with a clutch.
5. The bottoms of all units form a plane.
6. The rubber pad is used as the rear suspension floating shock absorption system, making full use of its performance.
7. The machine is equipped with a parallel lift cutting system.
8. The use of fixed clutch makes the machine low maintenance.
9. A 300-horsepower, 50-degree distribution gearbox is selected to provide a unique drive system layout for the machine.

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1. What are the features of BROBOT mower?

It is equipped with multiple safety features such as heat-dissipating gearbox, wing-shaped anti-off device, anti-skid lock, safety chain, etc., and has high-efficiency cutting ability, which can improve the field efficiency of large lawn mowers.

2. How many gearbox layouts does the BROBOT mower have?

The BROBOT mower is equipped with 6 gearbox layouts, which can better adapt to various working environments.

3. How does the BROBOT mower reduce fuel consumption?

BROBOT lawnmowers use high-efficiency cutting technology to complete mowing jobs in a shorter time, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

4. What safety features does the BROBOT mower have?

The BROBOT lawn mower is equipped with multiple safety functions such as wing-shaped anti-off device, anti-skid lock, and safety chain to ensure the safety of operators.

5. How does a BROBOT mower increase yard efficiency?

BROBOT lawn mowers have high-efficiency cutting capabilities and can complete mowing jobs in less time, improving yard efficiency.

6. Can the standard wheels be removed from the BROBOT mower?

Yes, BROBOT mowers can be detached with standard wheels for easy transport or replacement of accessories.

7. What cutting capabilities does the BROBOT mower have?

BROBOT lawnmowers deliver high-efficiency cutting capabilities for fast, accurate mowing.

8. What are the detailed designs of the BROBOT mower?

The BROBOT lawn mower is designed with flat key bolts, easy-to-remove safety chains, narrow transport width and other detailed designs for user convenience.

9. How does the BROBOT mower reduce noise?

BROBOT lawn mowers use high-efficiency cutting technology to complete mowing jobs in a shorter time, thereby reducing noise. In addition, the front pulley also reduces the noise of wing bounce.

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