Multi-function rotary lawn mower

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The ROBORT rotary lawn mower is an efficient piece of equipment that saves time and increases efficiency. Equipped with a 1000 RPM drive line, the machine is easily able to handle your lawn mowing needs. In addition, it has a heavy-duty slipper clutch, which makes the machine more stable and easier to operate through the hitch and constant velocity joints. To stabilize the use of the machine, this rotary lawn mower is equipped with two pneumatic tires, the number of which is necessary, and the angle of the whole machine can be adjusted by adjusting the stabilizing device horizontally.

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Features of M1503 Rotary Lawn Mower

For more convenient operation, this model is specially equipped with an automatic guide wheel device. This particular device is very useful because it ensures that your lawn mowing process does not go too far, thereby avoiding unnecessary time spent and unnecessary fatigue. Additionally, the machine uses composite copper bushings on all major pivots, which makes the machine oil-free and easier to maintain. In the dark, international general warning signs can remind you to pay attention to safety, especially when operating the machine at night.

The three-gearbox structure is the most gratifying feature of this model. This structure allows for smoother operation while increasing mowing effectiveness. For even more perfect results, this model also comes with a stationary knife shredding blade kit. In addition, this kit can also enhance the crushing of crop residues to avoid contamination of the planting soil.

Finally, rotary mowers feature relative motion knife sets that not only break up weed more efficiently, but also increase crop numbers more quickly. All in all, this machine is a stable, efficient and low-maintenance lawn mowing equipment, which is an excellent choice for you when it comes to lawn mowing.

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Cutting Width


Cutting Capacity


Cutting Height


Approximate Weight


Dimensions (w x l)


Type Hitch

Class I and II semi-mounted, center pull




 ASAE Cat. 4

Tractor PTO Speed


Driveline Protection

4 disc PTO sliding clutch

Blade Holder(s)

Pole type


Pneumatic tyre

Minimum Tractor HP



Front and rear chain

Height Adjustment

Hand bolt

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 1. Question: What is the drive line speed of the shaft mower?

A: An axle mower has a drive line speed of 1000 rpm with a strong slipper clutch.

 2. Q: How many pneumatic tires does the axle mower come with?

A: Axle mowers come with two pneumatic tires.

 3. Question: Does the axle mower have a level adjustment stabilizer?

A: Yes, the shaft mower is equipped with level adjustment stabilizers.

 4. Question: Is there an automatic guide wheel device on the axle mower?

A: Yes, the axle mower has an automatic guide wheel device.

 5. Q: What are the benefits of installing composite copper sleeves on each main pivot?

A: Composite copper bushings on all major pivot mounts mean no refueling required, making operation more efficient.

 6. Q: Does the axle mower have safety measures for night operation?

A: Yes, the axle mower has international common warning signs to ensure safe operation at night.

 7. Question: How many gears does the axle mower have?

A: The axle mower adopts a three-gearbox structure, which provides stable operation and greater cutting force.

 8. Question: Can the axle mower be used to strengthen the crushing of crop residues?

A: Yes, axle mowers come with a stationary shredding blade kit that can be used to enhance the shredding of crop residue.

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